Living cards started out as a handcrafted greeting cards and events stationery manufacturer, in December 2014. The rising demand for packaging in Ghana compelled us to add paper packaging to the business, two years later.

Massive for paper

Living Cards is an advocate for environmental conservation. We strongly believe that the use of paper for our products will contribute to the reduction of the amount of new plastics in circulation.

One of our core values is to create minimum waste during our production processes and to reuse any waste material produced.
The use of local fabrics and symbols to adorn our handcrafted products portrays our great interest in showing off Ghana’s beautiful assets.
This is where engineering meets art on paper.




We wholeheartedly believe in our company, its goals, objectives and our mission. We enthusiastically embrace them and relentlessly pursue them. More importantly, we truly believe in each other, care for, protect and support each other.

Customer Service

We continually ask our customers what they want and how we are doing. We must know our customers intimately; so well that we can anticipate their needs, their likes and dislikes. A strong relationship with our customers is vital to their satisfaction.

Grow Profitably

We are responsible as a company to grow profitably so we can continue to reward our employees with growth incentives as well as provide customers with the best service and innovative products in the industry, and to contribute our quota to Ghana’s development.


We collaborate, encourage open communication and leverage our diversity. Be courteous, speak up, debate, disagree and decide to commit to a decision as a team. Do more for others every day than you do for yourself. Take pride in making others around you better.


In everything we do and every way we can, we have fun. We allow ourselves to be unique.

Eco Friendly

We understand the importance of caring for the environment, and we are constantly working towards ‘best practice’ in all areas at the properties.

We use kraft paper recycled right here in Ghana, for our kraft paper bags. As much as possible leftover strips and pieces are reused or recycled.

We use only energy saving light bulbs.

Living Cards supports the local community by hiring people who live in the area and buying locally produced products when possible.